random stuff around quadcopters & the crazyflie

What do you find here?

I’d like to make it easier for others to work with the Crazyflie, developed by bitcraze. And I would like to share interesting project ideas and results with other people. My main focus is currently on the AI deck, a really cool edge computing camera device that can run neural networks on the quadcopter itself. I also started working on getting to know the ROS ecosystem around the crazyflie. I have plenty of plans and little time.

I generally try to follow the academic literature on nanocopters, so you’ll find a link to a paper every now and then.

Who is this guy?

I’m a hobbyist living in Germany - and since I also have a family, my work on the crazyflie comes in bits and pieces and is interest-driven aka unstructured.

Professionally, I work for a large development bank, where I’ve been mathematician, developer and today an agile coach. Contact me at botmotion (at) outlook.com or check out my Github page to talk about robots, AI or sociotechnical systems!